Top 3 Places to Eat in Austin

Top 3 Places to Eat in Austin

Being from Texas, specifically Houston, I can with pure bias that Texas has some of the best food in the country. It’s not that my bias completely powers my judgment, because it’s true. Tex-mex is insane as well as the steakhouses you can find throughout all major cities in Texas.

And again, although I have a bias towards Texas and should towards Houston, there is something about Austin that gets me every time.

To top off the amazing food that is in Austin, the amount of activities one can do are endless. You can go out to either Lake Austin or Lake Travis and go tubing or water skiing and even along the sides of the lake, there are restaurants there too like Abel’s on the Lake and Hula Hut. As well, you can go into downtown and visit the University of Texas campus while just exploring the city. Their nightlife is amazing on 6th Street and while out, the State Capitol is not a far walk away!

But, back to the food. Austin’s cuisine is one for the books so we have to start with my personal favorite.

  1. The Caroline 621 Congress, Suite 101 Austin, TX 78701

To start out, The Caroline is right in the middle of everything happening in Austin. As many know, Zilker Park is where Austin City Limits is every fall and The Caroline is not too far away– so if you are feeling like going out to ACL and having a crazy fun time but want some great food after– head on over to Caroline’s! My personal favorite is the Wild Mushroom Bolognese… I mean how fun? This restaurant takes classics like chili and salmon and turns them into something extraordinary.

2. Irene’s 506 West Ave. Austin, TX 78701

There’s just something about Irene’s! Whether you want to dress up for a fun evening or just stop by all comfy at lunch, Irene’s is the place for you! The style of Irene’s is something I find captivating and truly captures what Austin is all about! Food items like the Irish Nachos and the All-Day Breakfast Sandwich are two of my absolute favorites. You know when you’re in Austin you have to try the best of the best restaurants, and Irene’s is 100% one of the best.

3. Perla’s 1400 S Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704

If one night you just have this random calling for some amazing oysters and overall insane seafood- Perla’s is the place. On top of the amazing food, the ambiance at Perla’s is one in a million. The service there is amazing and absolutely everything about this place is just perfect. This would be the perfect place for an expensive (emphasis on expensive) date night. Although the bill is large, the taste is just as big and so worth it! I am picky about oyster’s and I can tell you without a doubt that this place is the best in Texas (let’s not even begin to talk about Louisiana!)