Let’s Say I Do

Let’s Say I Do

Being a girl, I have obviously dreamt about my wedding since I was a little girl. Where would it be? What would my husband be like? Who all would be there? And just like any girl, my Pinterest board for my wedding is filled with different wedding rings, dresses and decorations… but for me, the most important spot is the location.

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable and talked about for years amongst friends and family. Here, I will be talking about the three top wedding spots I believe would make for a memorable, extremely different and amazing time that everyone will cherish forever. These locations are specifically in the United States cause let’s be real… for me I would want as many people I invited to come as possible and how could they miss places like these??

  1. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

If y’all haven’t seen the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, AR, you are seriously missing out. I mean, look at this chapel? Although it might not seem like a busy city with a lot going on, to be able to say that you were able to get married in a chapel like this is so memorable and breath-taking. Eureka Springs holds so much history and so many fun little spots like Blue Springs Heritage Center and Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway. Just to be able to say that you got married in this chapel is good enough for anyone to want to visit!

Image result for thorncrown chapel
Eureka Springs, AR Thorncrown Chapel

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

Now who wouldn’t want to get married in NOLA? The culture and the liveliness and overall energy on Bourbon Street is contagious! But, this is not for everyone. This is for those couples who want to have an insanely fun time at their wedding and are okay with getting a little dirty along the way. As we all know, New Orleans is not the cleanest city, especially on Bourbon Street, but could you imagine the memories? People always say you only need to visit New Orleans once to truly experience it, and let that one experience be for your wedding!

New Orleans, LA

3. Telluride, Colorado

I can say hands down that one of my favorite places to visit in all of the United States is Telluride. There is something about this city that just gets to ya. And I mean, who wouldn’t want to get married on a mountain in beautiful spring or summer there, maybe even fall or winter if you’re really feeling that cold! Telluride has so much to offer on top being a prime wedding location– you can ride the gondolas into town and shop and just hang with the family and even visit some of the best restaurants I ever have ever been to, like Rustico Ristorante. To say you were married in one of the most beautiful cities in the nation would truly be a day to remember.

Telluride, Colorado