Costa Rican Days

Costa Rican Days

When I was in seventh grade, my family traveled to Costa Rica, Quepos specifically. We landed in San José, Costa Rica and drove around two hours to Quepos, where we stayed at Villa Pelicano. What I loved about this trip was the fact that the family friends that we stayed with owned a hotel about 10 minutes away from our villa so we were able to go there as well and explore.

My favorite part of this trip was zip lining. When you are in Costa Rica, you have to go zip lining. Usually you except all Caribbean countries to be just beaches, but Costa Rica is an actual rainforest. I had the opportunity to literally zip-line through the rainforest. As well, it rains at least once a day in Costa Rica and although you might expect this to ruin the day, it honestly only made it more fun. It sounds weird but when I was zip lining and it started raining, it actually felt as though I was living in the rainforest… my seventh grade self thought this was the absolute coolest thing in the world. To top it off, we also went night zip lining and it was just such a different but just as cool experience.

Something I highly encourage when you go to Costa Rica is to not just go to the famous and nice restaurants but experience the local cuisine. Some of my favorite memories from this trip were leaving the villa and just walking through the city of Quepos and eating at the local restaurants as well as going to the local stores.

Truly Costa Rica offers everything. There is the beach where you can learn to surf, there are mountains that you can hike, tons of deep sea fishing, some of the best food I have ever had, zip lining and so much more. The cool part is that one day you could be up on the mountains and the next be on the beach– and they’re not normal beaches. Although the water isn’t super clear because the sand comes from volcanic ash, the beaches are so much fun.

One day we went out on a catamaran and snorkeled. It was so cool to see such a different view of the ocean of Costa Rica because we were usually on the beaches with dark black sand. Snorkeling was so amazing in Costa Rica because from where we were in the ocean we were able to see our house!

Costa Rica is a country that has so much to offer and much more than a lot of other Caribbean countries.