I’ll be honestly, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I have dealt with kearning before and had to take quizzes on which font is which, but I am definitely rusty.

I started with the “Shot the Sherif” game, which overall wasn’t too difficult. I got all the way up to the senior level but it got so difficult with the time constructing. I eventually lost because I ran out of time when there was like 30 letters. I thought this was probably the easiest game cause I can easily tell the difference between serif and sans serif.

The next game that I played was “Type War”. My god, that was a hard game. You could kind of figure out that Times New Roman and Didot were serif fonts but the rest were super difficult to differentiate. It was so annoying cause you started to feel like you knew what was going on but then… nope! You don’t.

Lastly, I played “Kern Type” which was just difficult. Some of the words were easier to figure out than others but even if you felt 100% confident, you weren’t going to get 100%. I ended up with a final score of 58% which isn’t horrible.

I know that different fonts represent something different. If you are turning in a resume, keep it formal and easy to read. A lot of professors require a specific font when you type a paper, usually Times New Roman. But, you’ll occasionally get that professor who asks for the most random font, but you have to roll with it.