Professional Portrait

Professional Portrait

I am by no means a photographer but here is a pic outside of Gstaad, Switzerland, that I took while driving back to our hotel. Truly one of the prettiest places I have ever been.

If I could define myself and basically answer, who am I, a few things come to mind. I am a proud Texan, more specifically proud Houstonian, I am a devoted student/friend/sister/daughter, and especially a passionate person. My name is Abbey (Abigail) Barkley and at the moment I am not entirely sure what all I believe.

I just returned from a semester abroad in Paris and honestly it really changed my opinion on loads of things and overall my outlook on the world and on life. Life is so different in Europe. They go at a different pace over there, have a different outlook on basically all subjects than we do, and just value things differently than us. I think now I believe that everyone has a right to be happy, really in any circumstance. I also believe in a higher power, specifically God. I believe that He is up there watching over us and guiding us.

At the moment, I do school and try to do it as greatly as possible. What do I do is such a broad question because in my daily life, I DO so much. But honestly, I want to do more.

I am guided by a goal. I want to graduate from college, possibly get a graduates degree and work hard. I have always been a hard worker and I plan to continue that once I am a real “adult”. I am guided and motivated to make my family proud and make a name for myself. My parents have worked so hard for me to be able to be where I am, and I feel as though I can repay all that work they put in by being the best I can be.

I am also motivated because of my dad. He worked til the last day of his life for his family. He came from nothing and became something. He created a name for himself that I aspire to do as well. He mowed lawns every weekend to pay for college, with no help from his parents. I wish I could be half the person that he was. He inspires me to put others before myself, work hard and never stop fighting.

Design does not fit into my life as much today as it used to. I was on my high school’s Yearbook committee for two years and was in charge of the Index, all senior ads, and all the yearbook’s text my senior year. Our yearbook has over 650 pages and my school has over 2,000 students, so it was a job that required a lot of focus and a lot of hard work. I used Photoshop and InDesign basically everyday for two years, three if we’re counting my sophomore year where I learned how to work the two systems.

Design again is so broad of a topic. You could say I “design” something everyday. But, I want to learn how to design in a PR way. I plan to obviously go into a PR career and want to learn to the best of my ability how to use design everyday to create the best things that I can.