Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey


There’s something about this song that I just love. The way that Van Morrison sings this song and truly the way that he describes this girl, it makes you just want to keep listening.

I don’t know why I get so lost in music and truly I don’t even know why I am so attached to it… but I believe that it’s songs like these that make me so mesmerized.

“She’s an angel of the first degree”… just one of the phrases that Morrison brings into this song. I know it sounds weird, but I want a guy to describe me the way that Morrison does about this woman. And just like many other songs… the way that artists put together and describe women… I’m not sure why, but I have yearned for a guy to talk about me the way that artists such as Morrison talk about a girl.

I am a helpless romantic. I cry at weddings, I cry at the end of movies when a boy and a girl who are perfect for each other end up together. I can’t explain why… but I am always searching for the happy ending. But in my own relationship with Preston, I have truly realized that the relationships that are often portrayed in movies and songs are so made up and so far from authentic.

In my relationship with Preston I have truly learned what it feels like to be so in love with a person that you would do anything for them. I never understood how someone could make you feel so crazy and truly you would do anything for. But, he has changed the game for me in that way.

Being a helpless romantic has definitely made my relationship a little difficult cause I expect everything to be perfect. And Preston is so far from that, as well as myself. These relationships on movies have portrayed the impossible, and I am thankful that I have a real and authentic love with a boy who does mean the world to me.

But still, I cannot get over this song. Seriously listen to it.

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