Teacher Walkout

Teacher Walkout

I am not from Oklahoma and truly I don’t know much about Oklahoma. I do not know it’s history and it’s culture and I am just now starting to get the hang of the cities and towns inside of it.. but something that I know about Oklahoma just from being here for only a little less than 9 months is the education system. I am not saying that necessarily all that I have heard has been negative– but honestly, most has.

From all of my friends who are from Oklahoma, they have told me straight up– if you are from Oklahoma City, you do not go to public school because of how bad the education system is.

They have also told me that this is not the teachers faults, but the fact that the government does not care enough to fund the education system. BUT THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT GET IT. Education is so so extremely important in our society. It makes us the people who we are and allows us to expand our ideas and our intellectuality. Education is what makes a person who they are and allows them to create their own identity.

I think that what these teachers are doing is brave and strong and is something that I guarantee most people are saying “It’s about time” too. So although I cannot really have much of an opinion on the education of Oklahoma as I know so little, I think that what these teachers are doing takes guts– standing up to the government. This is by no means and easy task and it is one that takes drive.

I hope for the best for these teachers as well as all of the others that are protesting for more money for these teachers as well as promoting better education through Oklahoma.

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