Supermarket Flowers

Supermarket Flowers

I don’t know why I love this song. I don’t know why it means so much to me honestly.

I think because it’s not just a basic Ed Sheeran song. It’s one with feeling and true meaning behind the words.

Whenever I listen to this song though, I only think about my mom. My sweet sweet mom. She’s a trooper honestly.

This song basically talks all about a mom and what she does for her children. And I think it perfectly defines my mom. She’s a freakin superstar and I am so blessed that I was given a mom who is so persistent on helping me with my problems and so passionate in everything she does. She does absolutely everything for her family and is so devoted to making me and my siblings happy.

She is so selfless.

Another reason why I think I am so close to this song is because it talks about eventually when his mom is going to go to heaven. And that scares the crap out of me. Because, when it is eventually my mom’s time, I will be an orphan.

Although I do have my stepdad, it is still so different. The simple idea of being separated from my mom gives me anxiety. But I think that is understandable for anybody. For some reason, just a mom’s hug can make you feel better than anything in the world. Supposedly it’s psychological??? I’m not sure.

It stinks that I haven’t seen my mom in nearly a month. I miss her so much.

But I remind myself that in less than 3 weeks, she will be here, ready to give me the biggest hug and to take me home.

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