Stars Over Texas

Stars Over Texas

Less than 2 weeks til I am back home!! 2 WEEKS TIL I AM BACK IN THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.

I can’t wait to just fully know my surroundings again and be able to drive. Oh my gosh do I miss driving my car around. I can’t wait to be able to see all of my friends from high school and be able to see them for longer than an hour lunch. Although I feel like I am going to get tired of being home after awhile and might get tired of being back home having to live under someone else’s rules… I can’t wait to be back in Houston.

I am going to be working this summer at a really cute boutique in Houston and cannot wait. I am kinda bummed that I won’t be going anywhere super exciting this summer, but it will for sure be good to chill in Houston, make some money, and just be able to be with family.

I still am unsure on where I stand for where I am going to college next year and what will be best for me, but I for sure love the idea that I could possibly be in Texas again.

For some reason I have such an obsession with Texas. I love where I am from and I love the people that surround me.

But at the same time, I am really sad to leave. I love the people I have here now. To be honest, it wouldn’t surprised me if I cried saying bye to my friends for the summer. The people I have met here have truly become some of my closest friends and I am forever thankful for that.


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