It’s taken me awhile to come up with what to say on this blog post. Like way too long. And honestly, I think its because I cannot comprehend truly what is going on in this world and especially in this country. I am not pro guns but I am also not anti-guns. I am from Texas where basically anyone has a gun– my father had hundreds of guns and now, my stepfather has just as many– but you don’t see them killing people.¬†When my father was alive, he used them for hunting, and my stepfather does the same. They do not use their guns maliciously and most people don’t either… it is just those people who in my opinion are not right in the mind.

Parkland being one of the most recent school shootings truly shook me. Once I saw the picture of the boy who caused all of these deaths and this travesty scared the heck out of me. He looked scary, he seemed insane. Overall, he did not look right. These people who use guns in a negative way are NOT OKAY.

I believe we have the right to bear arms and we have the right to do as we please, but once it gets to the point where people are murdering others– things start to go wrong.

Do not take our guns. This is stripping us of our freedoms. Land of the free? Home of the brave? Yes, we need to stop such travesties from happening again and more than they should, but it should not be that we take everyone’s guns away.

Honestly, I do not know enough about the politics of the situation and just politics in general, but, I do stand for freedom and I do stand for equality and especially that we should not have to fear for our lives in our own towns, our own schools.

School is a place of safety, it is where you find your passions (for the most part), it should not be a place where you possibly fear for your life.

Precautions need to come into play, and honestly, I do not know how it can be done. But something must be done.

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