It’s All About the Perspective

It’s All About the Perspective

In Rory Sutherland’s Ted Talk, “Perspective Is Everything,” he speaks about the power of reframing things. No matter who, no matter what, everyone sees thing through different eyes, more specifically, through a different perspective.

Through life, there will never be a person who sees everything EXACTLY 100% THE EXACT SAME as you do. Yes, they might agree with something the way you do, but there will always be something different- and that is perspective. Perspective is all about people’s experiences and what they have seen. Everyone tries their best to see things positively and not truly have to face reality, because, as Sutherland states, “reality is not a good guide to human happiness.”

For example, one person could be living an extremely frugal life with barely any money to get by, and still be happy, but for another person, they could be living in the exact same situation and be embarrassed and ashamed, and overall depressed. This is best expressed when Sutherland claims that “the circumstances of our lives may actually matter less to our happiness than the sense of control we feel over our lives.”

The way one sees things and frames things truly matters, because this is how you define whether or not you will find happiness in life. Sutherland claims that we must reframe our minds, and reframe our PERSPECTIVES, in order to find happiness, and I cannot find that to be more true.

This semester I came into college dreading the idea of being back, as most people do. I love Houston (where I am from), I loved my comfortable home. I just loved the idea of staying somewhere where I felt comfortable. But, once I arrived, I told myself that I must change my perspective and reminded myself that I am here for a reason, I am here to get an education and learn more about myself and meet new people, and truly, since changing that perspective, things have gone from bad to amazing. You cannot go into a new chapter of your life dreading it, but most go in with full force.

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