Houston Strong!!

Houston Strong!!

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Houston has my heart. I was born in Houston, I was raised in Houston, and hopefully, I will eventually die in Houston.

Last semester, my city, my home, was hit with such bad flooding from Hurricane Harvey that the city was basically under water– and I could do absolutely nothing to save it. That broke me. Millions of people were left homeless and millions of people were left stranded in homes that were basically water.

But, something good came out of this. Houston came back, stronger and better than ever. And honestly, a lot of that is thanks to the Houston Astros as well as JJ Watt, one of the Houston Texans defensive ends.

JJ Watt was such a prime factor in getting Houston back on it’s feet. He worked his butt off raising millions of dollars for our city. He made us believe in our city again and made us believe that we could get past such a terrible thing. I wish I could thank JJ Watt, because when I was incapable of going home and helping to clean out people’s houses or give supplies to people in need, JJ Watt was making the world of difference for our people.

As well as JJ Watt fundraising millions of dollars, the Astros proved that nothing can hold Houston back. We freakin’ won the World Series… HOW HUGE!!!!!! Last night, April 3, the Astros had their Ring Ceremony to receive their rings for winning the World Series and oh my gosh was I hyped. We proved to everyone that Hurricane Harvey did not hold us back and did not damage us, but made us that much stronger.

I am so proud of my city and all that it has overcome in the past year alone.


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