Another song that I remember vividly from my dad’s funeral was this song by Natalie Grant. And this is really one of the only songs that I feel so close to my dad with. It is so cool that music connects me to my dad and is a way for me to feel like even though after 9 years, I still have something special with my dad.

It is weird to think that he has been gone so long but it is also something that think has defined who I am today. I love that my dad and I had such a special relationship and I believe that he made me who I am today even though I was so young when he passed away. He made me have a sense of adventure in my life and to never do something that doesn’t make happy. He taught me to be generous to everyone and to love everyone around me. And especially, to be compassionate towards all people. He could talk to anyone about their problems and he really knew what he was talking about when he helped everyone.

As this is one of my last blog posts for this class, I have truly realized that I have so much more potential than I could’ve imagined. As well, it has definitely shown me that I am way more obsessed with music than I realized. Honestly I might keep using this blog as a way to talk about what is going on in my life as well as just be able to speak without being judged for what I am saying.

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