I would never label myself a feminist, and before anyone yells at me for saying such a thing, I’ll explain what I mean. I am not all radical feminist claiming that all men should die, but I do believe in many things that feminists do.

I believe in equal pay. I believe in equal rights. And I especially believe that no man has the right to tell me what to do with my body. IT IS MY BODY AND IT IS MY RULES.

Furthermore, I believe that no matter what… what a woman wears and how a woman acts should absolutely not be any signal for a man to come over and act like a douche and try to do something that is so incredibly appropriate. Whether that is rape or just simply making the woman uncomfortable.

There are so many false stereotypes in this world that men have created and I do absolutely hate that. That if a woman is dressed a certain way or is possibly flirting that they want you RIGHT NOW.

I believe that woman are not the weaker sex. We push babies out of us for Pete’s sake! Our emotions define us and make us who we are. We are tough. Although we cry more than most guys, that proves nothing. I know that I am in fact a hell of a lot stronger than most guys… especially with the adversities that I have faced in my life.

I grew up in a bubble in Houston, Texas know as Memorial where everyone is extremely conservative. So, as expected, I was as well. But, hearing everything going on in the world right now and everything about how woman do deserve the right to be heard and deserve the right to be treated equal… how can I not stand up for my own sex?? How could I possibly just sit aside while all of these fallacies that men have created harm woman after woman.

I am done sitting around. I will stand up for woman.

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