I can guarantee when all of us were little, going to SeaWorld was a dream. Getting to see all of the different sea life and go on all of the fun rides and best of all (in my opinion)… the food.

However, there was always a side that none of us saw… the pain and isolation that most of those animals faced. Yes, such animals as penguins or turtles or stingrays have always been animals that have been in zoos and are a more moderate size to live in such establishments. But, not orcas and even dolphins.

In Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s documentary, Blackfish, the truth behind SeaWorld is revealed. There had always been rumors that the orca whales were somewhat obsessed or just overall miserable, but this brings all of these rumors to light.

The documentary follows the life of Tilikum, the notorious whale who was involved in the three killings of trainers both at SeaWorld and Sealand of the Pacific. But, you cannot really blame an animal for killing someone. Tilikum was under major stress from living in such a small confinement for so many years and just eventually lost it and killed people.

My central argument in my research paper is to overall analyze Blackfish and analyze interviews from those on Blackfish. As well, find credible sources that show more details into the effects of such large animals as orcas being forced to live in captivity for the rest of their lives, or a long amount of time.

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